9 Yummy International Foods Around Town That Are Extremely Pocket Friendly

And how you can make them at home..


Who doesn't love a good meal? We all do. And sometimes it's the smallest and quaintest venues that boast the best stuff on the menu. From street faves to fuller meals, here are the 10 best foods to indulge in without breaking the bank. Plus, we've shared recipes to help you recreate the magic at home. Thank us later!

1. Manakish from Zaatar w Zeit, Sheikh Zayed Road (600 522 231)

Manakeesh is the Middle East's answer to a pizza. Expect freshly baked dough topped with heavenly Kashkawan cheese (most often made from a mix of cow and sheep's milk). And this deliciousness costs only AED 21.

Learn how to make one from scratch here.

2. Pani puri from Bombay Chowpatty, Karama (04 396 4937)

This Indian street snack is a hollow crisp usually stuffed with a potato mixture. The server then dips it in spicy flavoured water and a tamarind sauce before handing it over to you. The tricky bit is managing to put the entire piece in your mouth (yes, at one go) to experience the burst of flavours. It costs AED 7 for a plate of 6 pieces.

Try making them at home with the help of this recipe.

3. Shawarma from Automatic, Jumeirah Beach Road (04 434 2355)

AED 7 will fetch you a regular size and AED 12 a large size of this juicy meat shawarma. It's best had when hot and tastes equally good with the chicken filling.

This version works well for home kitchens.

4. Chicken Peshawari from Ravi's, Satwa (04 331 5353)

Some call it Satwa's hidden gem, while others call it Satwa's star, but whatever you decide to call Ravi's...just remember it produces some of the best Pakistani food in Dubai. Dish in question: the chicken Peshawari that's most often had with a side of naan to wipe out the delicious gravy.

It tastes just as good when made using this recipe.

5. Veggie burger from Jebel Al Noor, 2nd December Street (04 398 9800)

This popular cafeteria located on a little street in Satwa serves a burger perfect for vegetarians. Along with a veggie patty (which we ask them to remove), the burger is also stuffed with fries, cabbage, cheese and slathered with mayo and ketchup. All for just AED 6.

If you decide to get creative in the kitchen, try this burger.

6. Garlic bread from Midnight Cafe, Karama (04 396 4529)

Described on their menu as garlic bread 'like nowhere else', they're so damn right. Picture a log of cheesy goodness with a hint of garlic and chilli. Prices start from AED 3.50.

You can't go wrong with this easy-peasy recipe.

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7. Satay from Betawi Cafe, Karama 

If it's your first shot at Indonesian food, make sure it's Betawi. Consider the chicken satay (AED 32) here a meal in itself with skewers dripping bold flavours and a portion of rice adding the carb value to the meal.

Here's how you can bring Indonesia to your kitchen.

8. Falafel from Aroos Damascus, Deira (04 221 9825)

A bite into the doughnut-like patty made from ground chick peas reveals a moist and crumbly inside. It's best had dipped in hummus with some warm Arabic bread on the side. Enjoy a plate for AED 20.

Check out the real recipe here.

9. Momos from Yalla Momos, Karama (04 385 2233)

With so many dining options available in Karama, it is hard for any eatery to stand out. But luckily this one does because of its momos (Nepal's version of dumplings). The case is light and the fillings are delicious. Play it safe with the chicken ones or try the mushroom and cheese ones if you're all for food adventure. Prices start from AED 12 onward.

This recipe will make you a momo master.

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