The 1 AED Deliveroo Pizza Giveaway Is Out Of Control And People Are Not Happy

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When you announce that Pizza's are only 1 AED, it's a certainty that there is going to be huge demand. The promotion was announced earlier this week to run from 11am to 2pm today, in selected Pizza places, with a total of 1,000 Pizza's on offer. Deliveroo will cover the free delivery, and you only pay 1 AED for the pizza. 

The promotion was announce and everyone blocked off Thursday lunch time as Pizza time

The promotion was over subscribed pretty soon... 

Update from the Deliveroo team at 11:46am. App crashing and large volume is something that happens when there is a very popular offer. 

'The Deliveroo one Dirham pizza offer is experiencing extremely high demand therefore certain restaurants have temporarily paused and will be reopening every ten minutes to accept new orders until the offer ends at 2pm.

Live updates are being provided on Deliveroo’s Twitter feed. Any customers who have received bank authorization fees will be refunded once cards have been authorized by their banks.

Share the love and order one pizza per person!'

... And many people weren't happy about it

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'This promotion is terrible, I will never book from deliveroo as well as none of my colleagues will'

At least there were some very happy people as well.. 

There are still two hours to go

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