This Famous Lebanese Restaurant Has Finally Opened Its Doors In Jumeriah And It’s Just Like The Real Thing

It's a Leban-easy choice - get down to Al Falamanki's


The Heritage

The staff are keen to ensure that you are familiar with the premise of the cafe and what it stands for. We were told the story of how Al Falamanki's son admired his father's life story so much that he decided to gather all his belongings under one roof to celebrate his love of food and music in a place that would recognise his rich life. 

The feel of this cafe encapsulates this perfectly with a homely set up that makes you feel like you are very much part of a social gathering in a welcoming, communal environment rather than an intruder in someone's home.

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The Food

Lebanese food has been a major revelation in my life since I arrived in Dubai and Al Falamanki has literally anything you could possibly want to tickle your Lebanese taste buds. If you're hungry and you like Lebanese food then you cannot possibly fail to go wrong here - the choices are endless, the portions are massive and quality is top notch.

It all looked too good to me so I cheated and went for the Iftar menu to sample as many different dishes as possible. Needless to say, I didn't get up in a hurry after working my way through this.

Af Food

The Comfort

"Home is where Al Falamanki is" proclaims the menu. As you settle down to your table you will soon begin to agree with this statement. The set up is unique, giving you a true feeling of being a welcome guest within a special home. The atmosphere and the staff make you feel as though you have walked into a special occasion, but rather than feeling like you are gate crashing, you are welcomed with open arms.

Sit back, enjoy, breathe it in, smoke some shisha, eat some food, play some cards, then eat some more food - Al Falamanki is looking after you now.

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The Atmosphere

If there is one fail safe way to judge the quality of a Lebanese venue, it is to look around and see how many Lebanese people are having a good time. Rather than feeling over crowded, the cafe manages to feel like a popular gathering that you are glad to be a part of.


Far, Far Away From Dubai

We all know and love Dubai (it's why we're here) - but sometimes it is nice to get that feeling of being far, far away on holiday. Al Falamanki manages to give you this feeling despite being just off the Jumeirah Road. After a good few hours relaxing with great food, great shisha, a few games of cards and soaking up the atmosphere in this lovely cafe, my mind was so far from hustle and bustle of Dubai that I completely forgot where I was...until I got back on the Jumeirah Road that is.

Written By

Claire Peach