There's An Amazing New Cafe In Media City Serving Up The Ultimate Brekkies And Toasties

Brekkie for AED18, heck yes!

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Toasties and breakfast food - is there anything better?

Probably not!

And a fun new cafe in Dubai Media City is serving up some epic food.

It's aptly named 'The Breakfast Shop' and is dishing up the cheesiest toasties - there's a truffled cheese toastie on sourdough that is TO DIE FOR.

And breakfasts are epic

There's a chilli- omelette called 'Delhi in my Belly' served with paratha and chillis that is DELISH - and only AED18.

It's bargain prices, and great food, and is on Zomato AND UberEats.


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Caitlyn Davey

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