This Business Bay Indian Restaurant Has A Special Independence Day Menu And It Looks Amazing


Next week, 15 August to be precise, India celebrates its 70th Independence Day.

We all know Dubai has a huge Indian community. To mark the occasion here, Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar's restaurant Rang Mahal at JW Mariott Marquis will be doing something pretty special.

The venue will offer guests a four-course menu, between 14 to 16 August, each honouring a hero in Indian history.

It costs AED 250 per person and dishes are from various regions of the country.

The menu...

Course one is dedicated to Vikram Sarabhai, a scientist and innovator.

Dishes include Gujarati faves dhokla (fluffy savoury cakes), khandvi (gram flour and yoghurt pinwheels) and dhabeli (an open potato sandwich) .

Course two is dedicated to Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, a professor who won the 1930 Nobel Prize for physics.

Dishes include chicken terrine, Kerala-style fish and Chettinad-style lamb in lentil bread.

Course three is dedicated to Birbal Sahni, a paleobotanist.

Dishes include gosht rajma (meat with lentils), murgh badami korma (chicken korma) and masala jhinga (spiced prawns).

Course four is dedicated to Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose, a physicist, biologist, biophysicist and botanist among other things.

Desserts include Bengali rice pancake with coconut, various Bengali sweets and baked yoghurt.

The stunning restaurant Rang Mahal


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