Dubai Gets It's First Homegrown Jamaican Restaurant And It Looks The Real Deal

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There may be one restaurant for every 300 people in Dubai and you would have been forgiven for thinking that Jamaican cuisine was represented here. However, Ting Irie, a new home-grown Jamaican restaurant that opened it’s doors today is the first of it’s kind in Dubai.

Ingredients from Jamrock

With a mix the real traditional and modern dishes. They import the Caribbean ingredients and spices directly from Jamrock. The place is the brainchild of Jamaican-Chinese Chef Craig Wang (Of Toronto’s PATOIS fame), 

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Jamin to reggae

It’s located in Downton Dubai on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Expect a lot of Jamin to Reggae when you go there, it’s sure to be busy right from the off.

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Bold flavours

"Ting Irie is a fresh modern take on Caribbean Cuisine and food for the soul. We're not shy about bold flavours or fun modern ideas, but at the same time we have the utmost respect for traditional island ingredients and Jamaican dishes that we have all grown to love." 

Executive Chef Craig Wong​

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What’s a gwaan?

To fit in with the locals, here is some Jamaican slang

  • A Gwaan - Going on
  • Bredren – Friend
  • Jamrock – Jamaica 
  • Likkle more - A saying of goodbye
  • Nyam - To eat
  • Passa passa - Gossip
  • Ya mon - No problem

Sample menu 

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  • WATAMELON SALAD: Cubed watermelon, pickled rind, cherry tomato, basil, creamy coconut dressing and scallion oil
  • house-made, spicy beef or curry vegetable
  • pulled oxtail, freshly baked cocobuns, coleslaw
  • TUN UP TUNA: tuna tartare, sweet plantain, crispy shallots, coconut, lime, sesame
  • SPIT FIYAH JERK CHICKEN: rotisserie roasted, Jamaican coleslaw, mango scotch bonnet salsa
  • BEACH SHACK LOBSTER: thermidor style, garlic butter, cracker crumbs
  • CHIPS OMAN BURGER: griddle smashed angus beef burger, white pimento cheese, toronto bun
  • O.G. FRIED CHICKEN: "original gangsta", whipped honey butter
  • PEPPA SHRIMP PASTA: jumbo tiger prawn, chilli, tomato, spaghetti, basil
  • DAT LAMB THO: grilled Australian lamb chops, chilli paste & olive oil, jerk hummus, crispy chick peas




  • CARNIVAL FUNNEL CAKE: Madagascar vanilla soft serve ice cream, strawberry sorrel compote, caramelized white chocolate sauce (two can share!)    
  • PINEAPPLE PON DE REPLAY: panna cotta, coconut cream, pineapple and scotch-bonnet snow, crushed coconut drops
  • PUFF PUFF PASS: mango banana sorbet, whipped white chocolate ganache, lime curd and candied macadamia nuts
  • CRUNKY MONKEY: warm dark chocolate tart, dulce de leche soft serve ice cream, grape-nut cereal and caramelized banana
  • FRUIT N’ TINGS: fresh pineapple bowl, kiwi, dragonfruit, mango and lychee sorbet

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