This Food Truck Park Is Opening At The End Of July And It Looks Seriously Good

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Aptly named the last exit, this Food Truck park is located on the last exit of E11 road heading towards Abu Dhabi. It's like a drive through concept, you order, take a slip and drive up to one of 10 trucks you would like to eat at. It looks like it's been perfectly created for Dubai! It's free in and it's unlicensed. 

How do you get there?

Lastexitmap 2016 Base

Order on entrance

Lastexit12 2016 Base

Some cool places and the customary Starbucks

Lastexit15 2016 Base


Poco Loco

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Baja Fresh

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Burger Pit

 Big Smoke Burger 

The Brass

Clinton St. Baking Company 

Operation Falafel 

The Hot Dog Stand 

Urban Seafood 

All Day mini-mart

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