This Top JLT Salad Spot Is Doing Unlimited Salads For AED499 A Month

(This would usually cost you about AED1,550!)

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If you order salads daily, you'll know it can be a pricey affair.

Which is why Just Salad's August salad deal is the dreammmmm.

The top JLT salad spot is doing unlimited salad bowls for a month for just AED499 and it's fully-okay to feel excited...because WHEN do you get healthy food at a discount? Never, (until now) that's when!

So that's 31 days, so 31 days of salads

I work in JLT, and buy these salads daily

This deal means I could save up to AED1,000 in August...winningggg!

Go for the Thai chicken crunch salad and thank me later.

What do you need to know?

Buy the UNLIMITED SALAD BOWL for AED499 and get one salad a day (every day from August 1-31).

More details here

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Casey Fitzgerald

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