La Tablita's Taco Festival Is NOT For Those Who Are Afraid Of Strange Foods

Because regular food isn't enough...


Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights' Mexican restaurant is very popular for its Taco Bar. You get around 16 different types of tacos there...

And if you think you could do with some more variety, head there between 21 to 27 August for its Taco Street Festival. Heads up though that this place is not for you if you're not willing to ditch the usual steak, chicken or even shrimp ones for stuff that's crazier...

There's crispy beef brain, camel and even rabbit tacos on the list...

The festival menu includes dishes such as:

Sesos - crispy beef brain taco with green tomatillo salsa

Conejo - braised rabbit with chocolate sauce 

Camello - roasted camel with sun dried chili adobo   

Pulpo a la Diabla - braised spicy octopus   

Chorizo con Papa - beef chorizo with potato and pinto beans   

Calamar - crispy calamari with black mayonnaise 

Huitlacoche - corn mushroom quesadilla   

Tablita 2

Here's some other amazing stuff you get at this authentic Mexican eatery...


Habibi ceviche




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