Here Are 3 Reasons This Indian Restaurant Will Blow Your Mind

Indian Restaurant

Anyone who knows me will know that of all cuisines, Indian is hands down my favourite. I come from a family of spice lovers and on pretty much all special occasions when I was growing up, when we went to a restaurant, we went to an Indian. 

So when it comes to Indian food, I know my stuff and can tell you the good from the bad. So here are my 3 reasons why I think Bombay Brasserie is very, very good.

1. The Atmosphere

Bombay Brasserie is located in the Taj Dubai Hotel in one of the most prestigious areas of the city - the Burj Khalifa precinct. It's a stones throw away from downtown and the Dubai Fountains, so whether you're there for dinner or just a drink in their colourfully ethnic bar, you're spoilt for views.

A mixture of chill-out and upbeat Indian music plays, which is my personal preference (I'm not keen on the 'contemporary modern' Indian restaurants that play chart music), keeping the feel of the place traditional, yet current and the open plan kitchen means you can watch the chefs create their masterpieces first hand. 

The interior design of the restaurant is eclectic and bright, but my favourite thing about the decor is by far the huge, comfortable leather chairs at the tables. They are a very welcome surprise after a long week at work and they make reclining after eating way too much food a lot easier. Trust me.

2. The Food

I was invited to try the Bombay Brasserie culinary journey tasting menu, which was made up of five courses; appetizer, palette cleanser, 'BB selection board', a range of mains and the 'BB dessert selection plate'.

I found it almost impossible to pick my favourite thing on the starter board, made up of their signature chargrilled prawns, minted lamb chops and chicken tikka with kafir lime and basil - I would advise getting this selection as you wouldn't want to miss out on any of these delights. If you forced me to I'd say the prawns...but you aren't forcing me - so try them all.

For mains we were again treated to an array of Indian delicacies that tickled all the taste buds. These BB selection plates give you the full range of Indian flavours and take you on a real journey, whilst perfectly showing off the talents of the chef.

I always find choosing what to have in restaurants hard because I get major food envy, so taster plates are always my favourite and the 'BB dessert selection plate' didn't disappoint. My favourite thing was the Gulab jamun, which is reduced milk dumplings in cardamom syrup with rose, served in a small martini glass. If you don't like cardamoms it's not for you, but I'm a big fan so this went down a treat!

3. The Staff

Crucial to every good meal out are good staff and we were welcomed and looked after in Bombay Brasserie by just that. From Mohit Kohli, the restaurant manager to our lovely waiter, Sandeep Singh Sindhwal, we were neither left waiting around for someone to serve us, nor made to feel like we were being rushed through the experience (a personal pet hate). 

Taking your time is key to enjoying this culinary experience and the excellent staff let you do just that. They made a point of explaining the dishes and their history to us and gave us a better understanding of the food we were eating. They clearly show that they care about the food they serve and their customers, which is why I can easily agree with the award they have just won - the Ahlan! Best Fine Dining Award 2016. Congratulations BB brigade!

Written By

Claire Peach