The Famous Couple From The 'Follow Me To' Photos Were In Dubai Revealed Exactly How It All Started

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Visit Dubai brought Murad and Nataly Osman from their native Moscow to Dubai for the Arabian Travel market. We were luckily enough to have an exclusive interview with them, see below, where they told us

  • The first 'follow me to' photo was a spur of the moment thing in Barcelona 6 years ago
  • Moura is a photographer and has a production company in Moscow
  • Nataly is a journalist and claims they were not dating at the time
  • Mourad's Instagram account has since grown to over 4.5m followers as they have traveled the world for 6 years 
  • They now have a big production team behind the brand in Moscow
  • They would like to do a photo from Sky Dive Dubai, 'just so Nataly can jump and I can take the photo :)'

The duo hosted an exclusive session for a key group of local influencers at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

Murad And Natalie Follow Me To Atm 2017

This is the first every #FollowMeTo photo in Barcelona that started an amazing social media story

The told us how the first ever photo was taken 6 years ago in Barcelona and how they subsequently went on to marry (and have over 4 million Instagram followers)

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