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A YouTuber Just Got His Hands On One Of The FIRST iPhone11 Max Pros In Dubai

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Offer a tech fan a gold brick or the new iPhone 11…

Chances are, they’ll go for the iPhone.

Unveiled this year with as much hype as when the first iPod came out (allllll the way in 2001 if you can cope with that information) the UAE public release isn’t until Friday, but some of the lucky few already got their hands on the coveted device.

YouTuber and gamer Ahmed Al Nasheet, was one of the first in the UAE to get his hands on the gold-dust device

The iPhone was released to a select number of tech reviewers before the public release on September 20

Ahmed has been using the iPhone for a couple of hours and his verdict is this: The screen is optimised for whatever you’re watching. The camera is amazing. For videos/filming/editing, it can all be done withing the gallery and shared directly to social platforms. The selfie camera is 4k, really sharp. The phone is ‘a must for people who wants to take artistic shots’.

Other reviews from international outlets have noted that the battery life has been extended again, the price has come down (hurrah!), while the New York Times added that while there is  certainly an improvement from the iPhone1o, it questioned how often do we really need to update our phones, when it feels like we have reached peak product in the golden era of smart phones, and most new models work pretty well.

Apple fans are going nuts at the sight of a new advice

Waiting on the iPhone like

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