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LISTEN: The CEO Raza Beig Shares The Journey Of Splash And The Importance Of Sustainable Fashion

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One of the most iconic brands in the UAE, Splash has been in the market for more than over a decade.

This young fun brand is known for its trendy and affordable fashion, making it the go-to store for most people.

The years that went into making Splash one of the most popular brands in the region

Raza Beig, the CEO of Splash, started about 26 years ago as a store manager and built his way up in making Splash one of the most popular brands in the region.

He had no background in fashion but was very much interested in business, at a young age Raza Beig started working on small ventures, and once he started working for Splash, he took all his knowledge about business and focused on turning the brand into one of the most iconic one in the region.

Listen to the full podcast below

Sustainable fashion has been a part of Splash for a while now..

When it comes to merchandise selection, a lot of attention is paid to detail in order to come up with products that the consumer wants (3 mins and 57 seconds). With over 4000 employees dedicated to the brand, Splash is known for always coming up quality fashion.

The brand has been practising sustainable fashion for more than six years now. (14 mins and 42 seconds)

Splash uses recycled polyester to make their products along with biodegradable bags in order to protect the environment.

So far, they have released 30 million pieces of sustainable fashion- just WOW! (14 mins and 30 seconds)

Along with this, Splash is also the official licensing partners of Expo 2020 and the collection is already in store

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