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It Is Possible To Live A More Sustainable Life In The UAE AND Save Money Doing It

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It’s common knowledge that it’s essential the global population make serious lifestyle adjustments lifestyles right now to prevent a further climate crisis.

The good news is that it is possible to turn things around with collective individual actions

Certain changes to your daily life allow for more sustainable living.

And an amazing initiative by Al-Futtaim Retail, Practice Positive, is making this so much easier. The initiative aims to inspire change, live better and to be a whole lot kinder to Earth. A cause we can all get behind, right?

And the best part – the initiative is highlighting how EVERYONE can do their part to make a change – It’s not that difficult after all.

Here are FIVE ways to live a more sustainable life in the UAE (and save money whilst you do!)

5. Conserve water

Many parts of the world are already facing a water crisis, installing low flow water fixtures can reduce water consumption by 90% and save on water bills.

All you’ve gotta do is get a faucet aerator at Al-Futtaim Retail ACE & IKEA and save money, water, and the planet. Simples!

More info here.

4. Practice Positive

More than an initiative, ‘practice positive’ is a mindset to inspire change, to ‘bring us together to act in the betterment of the place we call home.’

Following the social channel here gives you a better understanding of how even small changes you make can have a positive impact on the environment. From the amount of water you use to the decisions you make in the supermarket… even your diet choices impact the environment.

Learn more about the Practice Positive movement here.

3. Avoid using plastic bottles

The plastic crisis is here, it is real, and it is destroying the marine life at a dangerously alarming rate.

Cutting off plastic entirely from one’s life can be tricky. But, a good place to make a start is to entirely ditch plastic bottles.

Solution: Install a water filter and carry your own bottle of (non-plastic) water with you. 

2. Choose Fairtrade certified products

Support welfare, fair pay and non-exploiting conditions of farmers by always opting for products that are guaranteed to have been made by fairtrade.

Marks & Spencer’s has guilt-free fairtrade chocolates as well as several other products that are made sustainably. Do we even need an excuse to eat choccies?

1. Use public transportation or an energy-efficient car

Here in Dubai, we know we’re all slightly dependant on our vehicles. But, using public transport or even carpooling can lessen the impact on the environment so much, it’s worth the consideration at least?

Or, check out the latest fuel-efficient hybrid cars? So you can enjoy a quiet ride whilst doing your bit for the planet.

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