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May The Force Guide You To The EPIC Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Star Wars Special Edition

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas coined this phrase, created Star Wars and the rest is iconic movie status gold.

It’s the epic movie franchise that keeps on giving, with over 40 titles to its name, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set for a December release and it’s not just fans who are preparing for the dark side. Samsung is releasing a special edition Galaxy Note10+, it comes with a whole Star Wars-inspired kit and it is EXTREMELY cool.

If Obi-Wan Kenobi defeating Anakin Skywalker gets you hyped, this release will take you to wholleee other level


*Awesome Christmas pressie alert* (For the Han Solo or Princess Leia in your life!)

This will only be available for a limited time and you just know super fans are going to snap it up!

The smartphone features a dark side-inspired black and red design with a red S Pen wielding more power than a lightsaber. (This is Samsung text, but we stan!)

And this is truly an unboxer’s dream.

Not *just* a phone, this is a whole set of collector-worthy items boxed up in some epic packaging. Prepare for unboxing heaven: ‘Cus you’ll also get matching Galaxy buds, a leather cover with Kylo Ren’s helmet design, and a special collector’s item.

The force will be with you the whole way through as the entire user interface is Star Wars themed!

It’s the detail-orientated user interface that will seriously excite mega fans. Command your destiny with Star Wars-inspired apps, and a pre-designed galactic experience with Sith-inspired backgrounds to choose from.

How cool is this!

Pick a lock screen featuring your favourite character’s gear, or have stormtroopers protect your screen. You can even turn on special animations so Kylo Ren greets you as your phone boots up, or see your screen go into hyperspace as it shuts down. Erm, SOLD!


Hold the force of the universe in the palm of your hand

BUY NOW-  for AED4,599.

The Galaxy Note10+ Star Wars Special Edition is available exclusively at Samsung.

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