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Mo Salah’s Message To The Lebanese People Is A Great Show Of Arab Unity

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The Egyptian Manchester United footballer, Mo Salah, took to Twitter to express his sentiments to all the Lebanese people on the horrendous fires that have taken place since Tuesday.

Lebanon has recently fallen prey to the horrible forest fires that have plunged the district of Chouf into darkness. Lebanese citizens residing in the Chouf district had to evacuate their homes on Tuesday because of the rapidly spreading fires that had wholly engulfed the Chouf’s tree-covered mountains.

Lebanese authorities have reported that the forest fires that broke out in the early hours of Monday are a result of the rising temperatures in southern Lebanon.

Mo Salah: My full sympathy with the brothers in Lebanon and my calls that God keep them away from all evil.”


The Arab unity is as strong as ever during tough times

‘May God protect you, Arab pride’

‘International help is needed.’

‘May God save Lebanon and its lovely people’

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