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The Severity Of An Inaccurate Billboard On SZR Claiming To Heal Depression In 10 Days Has Not Gone Unseen

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Twitter is in uproar following the appearance of a billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road, with some outlandish medical claims.

And rightly so.

An image of the billboard, which claims you can beat depression, migraine and stress in just ten days was shared on Twitter via Dr. Alya Al Midfa. The Psychiatry Resident posted the photo to Twitter with a comment directed at the MOHAP- the health board quickly responded to the post, stating the billboard is unlicensed and authorities will take action.

“It is ridiculous that an ad like this gets approved to be on Sheikh Zayed Road! Although yoga is great for general well-being, claiming it can treat clinical depression in 10 days without medications or therapy is not only unscientific but also laughable! @mohapuae” – Dr. Alya Al Midfa


Further comments prove many residents are extremely angered by the billboard

“Can we stop patronizing and trivializing depression?”

The severity of the inaccurate billboard will not be ignored

While others are simply labelling it a marketing tool

Dr. Alya along with many others reported the billboard

Unsurprisingly, the billboard is not licenced

Authorities were quick to respond to the tweets and have confirmed action will be taken

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