11 Tips From DEWA That Might Help You With That Monthly Bill


Every month we're all bombarded with that bill summary that shows us how much we owe DEWA, and most of the time it's never that pretty (I mean, do you NEED to take that 45 minute shower every evening?)

Since the majority of us share the same sort of pain (unless you're one of those lucky people who bagged a great all inclusive rent deal), here are 11 tips that ought to make that bill slightly more okay-ish.

1. Did you just say 4 gallons....

2. Time for shopping perhaps?

3. Unless of course you're lazy

And you're just about that manual-wash-and-go at the petrol station

4. Only for those who can afford a garden 

5. *sits in darkness*

6. It's also a good alternative for when you don't feel like hitting the gym!

7. This one might hurt a little, but it's all for the better.

8. Unless you're a panda - then 14C is acceptable.

9. Just like Barney's wise words, "I never let the water run"

10. More garden-fanatic advice

11. For those days when you try to wash just one pair of jeans....

Remember, it'll be painful at the end of the month! Let's make it a Green SUMMER!

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