20 Reasons Why Men Should Absolutely Not Have To Pay On A First Date

Put your money away, fellas

Date 1

Ah first dates. 

We've all had to go on them and we've all had to negotiate the awkward 'who pays' conversation at the end.

For years it's been assumed that men should foot the bill but it's the 21st century now so it's time we started acting that way. 

Here's why men shouldn't pay on first dates: 

1. What if she ate more than you?

Hardly fair.

2. Women love bad boys

Nice guys finish last.

3. She picked the restaurant

You would never have picked somewhere THIS fancy.


4. You sacrificed watching the match with your mates

Wonder what the score is?


5. You're poor

You don't even know why you're here. 

6. She likes Donald Trump


7. You already bought her flowers

Because you're a gentleman. 


8. You may never see her again

How would she ever pay you back?

9. You missed the early bird menu

"We specifically agreed to meet before half 6."

10. She fell asleep


11. She burped

Well, that's just rude. 

12. She gets paid more

"Have I mentioned I was poor?"

13. She ordered wings 

Sauce... everywhere.

14. She ordered the most expensive thing on the menu 

"Again... POOR!"

15. She was a huge bore 

When will this end?

16. She didn't even offer to use her Emirates staff card  

17. It's 2017 

Not the bleedin' 50s.


18. She keeps interrupting your hilarious anecdotes

19. She ordered dessert

This has gone too far.

20. And finally, she left halfway through the meal

And you will be alone forever. 

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Lovin Dubai