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Are The Wings At Original Wings And Rings Really Worth Their Sauce?

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Recently we made a list of the best chicken wings in Dubai and as always there are some unhappy campers whose favourite spots haven’t been included.

Sometimes the wings just don’t cut the mustard but in this case we had yet to try them so when we heard a few feathers were ruffled we put on our best boots and marched down to Original Wings and Rings in the DIFC to see if their wings were worth the sauce.


We immediately liked this spot. It’s got a small unassuming entrance on level C in the Liberty House and as soon as you’re inside you immediately feel like you’re in a good sports bar rather than the center of Dubai’s financial district. Forgetting about life on the outside…exactly what bars are made for right?!

The menu looked good and the sheer size of the burgers immediately grabbed our attention but we were there to try the wings so the burger tasting will have to be on our next visit

Before the wings were served I had the pre-wing course. That’s where you try their 10 different sauces and decide which you want your wings to come with. Having previewed the menu online (yes, people do that) and being an absolute garlic/cheese fiend I was really excited to try their garlic parmesan and roasted garlic sauces and I was already dreading inevitably having to make the choice between the two.


Unfortunately any of the sauces that had a cream base had a bit of an artificial flavour and just didn’t have the fresh garlic taste I love. After a toss up between their sweet BBQ and buffalo sauce I went with the buffalo, when in doubt always go with the most popular. You can also choose your spice level from mild to one million. The one million spice is so spicy you need to sign a waiver before you try it, since I don’t have a death wish I steered well clear of that and went with the mild option.

The wings (with or with out bones) are served with fries and dip. I choose blue cheese dip and it was yum, there were chunks of blue cheese in it and anywhere there are chunks of extra cheese is quite okay with me.

When the wings arrived they looked and smelled amazing. The were piping hot, the buffalo sauce was definitely a great choice and beneath the dripping sauce was some good quality, nicely cooked chicken. They came completely drenched in the sauce and it was a messy but totally delicious main course. Between the nice portion of wings, the fries and the blue cheese dip (which balanced out the buffalo sauce nicely) it was a great feed.


But there’s always room for dessert…

It’s hard enough to resist dessert at the best of times but when a rocky road went by on a tray I knew attempting to resist would be pointless. It arrived warm with cookies and cream icecream covered with caramel swirls and extra chocolate chunks. Although there are only three desserts on the menu this one is bang on the money and it tasted just as good as it looks.


The Verdict

This is a handy sports bar to come to for a drink after work or for a few more later in the evening. The WWE was on when I visited which was a laugh but they also play all the big games. I visited on a Monday night, it wasn’t packed but there was a good atmosphere and the bar basically is what it is; a great sports bar that does some quality wings. After a delicious feed we’re delighted to slot these guys into our best wings list.


The boring stuff…

You’ll find this place on Level C,Liberty House Building,DIFC. It’s only a two minute walk from the metro or if you’re a driver it’s easy enough to get parking.

These guys have theme nights and discounts nearly every night of the week so check their site for more info.

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