8 Essential Post-Gym Hacks Every Dubai Gal Needs To Know

Gym Hacks Dubai

Gym days are the best days, they amp up energy and leave you feeling energetic right after. So active that you'd probs be down to hit up a bar or the mall with some friends.

But every glam girl also knows that it's just TOO time-consuming stay consistent with fully re-glamming after a post-workout shower.

Hence, we've compiled a few tricks of the trade that will help reduce the hassle for later hangouts and will make that gym life simpler.

1. First off, dry shampoo is your new best friend

Newbie at the gym or not, it has been scientifically proven that washing ones' hair on the daily can cause fallout or lead to dryness.

SO lock in all that moisture and choose a couple of days out of the week for 'wash days', and get yourself some of that Batiste or Soap & Glory's dry shampoo, usually available at Boots.

2. Braid that hair, girl

Pleats, dutch braids, whatever type of twists hairstyles is better than a ponytail while at the gym, cus let's be real- those things never stay tight!

This hack will reduce sweat falling on your face during that intense cardio sesh and keep things cute (hopefully), in case you've got to go somewhere right after the gym.

3. Bring a shower cap to the gym or make your own

Especially handy after just getting a salon blowout from the day before or low-intensity gym days.

4. Pack a headband

Even if you've already got your braids on, wearing a headband means no baby hairs, bangs or strays of things will get in your face.

P.S. if you're getting the sweatband hairband, make sure you get the wristband too. This is great at absorbing bodily sweat during a werkkkkout.

Keep that focus centered and go ham!

5. Bring a tiny sized bottle with rose water or a refreshing toner and mist your face with it

Cool off with the heavenly scent of a rose water spritz, post-workout.

It is THE best feeling to refresh yoself.

Or, transfer your fave antibacterial toner into a misting bottle and use after shower, this will help reduce the risks of clogged pores. Ain't nobody need that.

6. Dry your hair with the bathroom's hand dryer

...and do it quick, before anyone sees you.

This one might come off a little sketch but sometimes certain situations really call for it, and no one wants to be seen with greasy hair.

So pop that head under the hand dryer (if you don't have a blow dryer with you), but before you do- make sure to spritz a bit of water before you do this

Refresh that hairdo in an instant, sis

7. Pack dry tea bags in your gym shoes (keep on reading)

I know, sounds odd but this can actually help keep things smelling fresh.

Do this after every workout to maintain and ensure the longevity of those sneakers

8. On wash days: apply some deep hair conditioner to the ends of your hair before your workout

Keep your hair in a bun throughout the exercise sesh, and be prepared to wash it off with hella excitement

You already know!

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