Huda Beauty's Latest Product Is Yet Another Show Of The Company's Brilliant Marketing


Huda Beauty has just stunned the 'gram with a new product.

It's not revolutionary (don't kill us), it's nothing that hasn't been sold before, but the way that it's communicated will make you feel like it is.

And perhaps, that's what's revolutionary about it, and all the other existing HB products.

She released a range of leg bronzers for different skin tones

But unlike any other leg bronzer being sold out there, this one's wittily called 'Not Your Mama's Pantyhose'- (probably referring to the struggle of finding pantyhose colours that'll look like skin but still make legs look decent.)

Attention-grabbing marketing pulls like this is something that has stayed consistent with Huda Beauty's products, attracting more consumers through relatability and using real-life oddities in their favour. Ain't complaining.

The product is set to launch on May 3

...but the campaign is already stirring great BUZZ on social media!

It's quite incredible to think that someone who used to upload YouTube videos now has a successful international cosmetics company; and one that's become a staple among the beauty community.

Other brands should take note

A massive round of applause should be given to Huda Kattan's team at Huda Beauty, not just for coming out with high-quality products but also being worth the price.

Makeup buffs (like myself) are geeking over this new product

Perfect for that summer glow, we reckon.

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