Huda Kattan's Followers Said She Wouldn't Do Full Glam If She Flew Economy - Here's Her Response

'I have no shame'

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Whether you're traveling by boat, by bus or by plane...or on any sort of public transport there's always a hint of caution when you want to apply your full face...AMIRITE?!

Well makeup QUEEN Huda Kattan has shown her 30+million followers that when she needs to get glammed up, she just goes for it.

Face mask, curlers, lip rolling, a full face...the whole lot.

'So you guys said I wouldn't do this in economy'

'Ok my loves, sooooo I did a video of FULL GLAM on the plane, and so many people commented, I wouldn’t do this in economy. I don’t think you guys realize I have no shame and I would do this anywhere!! If I can do it then you can definitely do it! Watch my full video on my YouTube channel'

And that's how it's done

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