LADIES: Tips & Toes Are Doing 50% Of Services But There's Only A Few Days Left

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I stumbled across this deal last week and GENUINELY thought it was a scam.

So much so, that when I rang to make my booking for a full set of falsies (for just AED262 down from AED525!) I kept on mentioning my voucher, waiting for the lady on the other end of the phone to stop me, but alas nope, this deal is legit!

So much so, it's a week later, my eyelashes got did and now it's time to share the deal, before it runs out at the end of July...

The only catch? You need to book online... Simples!

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And it's half price off all the best stuff!

Hair treatments, blowouts, massage... you name it; check the full deals here

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