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The Top 10 Salons In Dubai To Get A Geli-Mani

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Chipped nails following an hour-long sesh at the salon are quite a bummer.

The effort of making your way to a salon to have one or two nails re-done is itself quite the hassle, so all ladies can agree that finding that one GEM of a nail bar is ESSENTIAL.

Gel-ish is a type of mani that promises not to have you walking out the salon with chipped nails almost immediately- but not all salons can get it right.

So without further ado,

Here are the 10 top nail salons for a decent gel-ish mani listed in order of preference

How did Lovin Dubai choose the final list?
  • Finalists were selected from all across Dubai
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any must-try places across Dubai, please do let us know!
  • The brand’s social media audience and engagement were considered

10. Artist Beauty Lounge, Oud Metha

Tucked behind Dunes Hotel Apartment in Oud Metha is this compact salon with every service imagine-able. Rated a 5/5 by our Office Manager, coming to Artists Beauty Lounge is an experience that gets more individualised and special every time.

Their attention to detail is tip-top, on top of a hygienic process followed- so every minute is worth the wait.

Make sure to ask for Maya for all your nail requests and you’ll leave as happy as a camper!

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 06 Pm

9. M&N Spa, Dubai Marina

M&N Spa is quite a decent go-to for Marina peeps, with a lengthy selection of colours to choose from.

Their nail experts know all the latest nail trends, so if you want some marble-slabbed graphic on your nails or other non-basic designs- do consider this on a next trip.

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 11 Pm

8. Dial A Nail, JVC

Dial A Nail’s got branches everywhere, but we can vouch for the JVC one to be exceptional- in terms of service.

They won’t let time go to waste, so if you book ahead of time- your mani/pedis can be done in under an hour- throw in a neck massage, and you’ll wish you never had to leave.

Plus, the price points won’t overwhelm you in exchange of the level of professionalism.

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 16 Pm

7. N Style, Dubai Marina Mall

Our Content Director swears by the convenience of N Style at the Dubai Marina Mall and if you’re one the type that wants to get-it-done-and-go then this one’s for you!

A tiny drawback would have to be the cost, but it’s quick and effective- and you’ll leave with fresh nails to last daaaays.

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 25 Pm

6. Beauty Garden Salon, JLT

Helpful and friendly staff, and the salon is still relatively new which means the overall vibe is ah-mayZING. Most of the Google reviews on this one have not gone down below a 4-star, so that’s also something to consider.

First visits get you 40% off, and they’ve got a points-per-visit system which means you get a discount doh-lyf.

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 30 Pm

5. Lacquer Nail Lounge, JLT

A cosy little salon in JLT, the same cluster where McGettigans is at where you’ll never bore of seeing the same friendly faces.

Unwind while getting your nails done with their FAB selection of teas, massage and high-quality products.

Your polish is going to last, and you’ll end up coming back because the staff’s kindness will make it feel like home. Our colleague Sally vouches for Ruth at Lacquer, saying she’s ‘her angel’- could be yours too.

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 34 Pm

4. Tips & Toes

Our senior writer, Casey’s go-to has numerous branches around Dubai and she swears by the consistency.

“You’ll always get the same level of comfort and service from staff, whichever one you choose.”

Their shade range for gelish is quite impressive too!

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 39 Pm

3. JNK, Al Barsha

This cheap and cheerful hidden gem in Al Barsha is only about 100 metres from Sharaf DG metro. If you go for a gelish mani, the nails are ‘literally’ hard as nails and won’t budge for about a week.

Plus, there are always AMAZING monthly deals going on (so watch out for those)

This April, there’s a gelish mani-pedi offer for only…AED100.

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 44 Pm

2. Pout, Barsha

This is the girly salon heaven…and a complete hidden gem. Located two blocks behind Sharaf DG metro station, we reckon this has got to be one of the sweetest salons in Dubai.

Decked out in gold, pink and floral detail, the staff here are incredible, massage chairs come as standard and the hair and make up services and products are absolutely top quality.

They’re known for their amazing acrylic and gel work- so get in on this!

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 15 49 Pm

1. Beauty Connection Spa, Sheikh Zayed Road

Beauty Connection has made it to the number one spot on this list, because (BY EXPERIENCE) their gel service will last you more than a month.

Isn’t that intense?

The salon is so well-equipped with many staff which reduces wait time and has you leaving the salon quicker since sometimes two ladies will be working on your mani and two others for pedi. This level of efficiency is probably what makes it a favourite for cabin crew.

Although a little pricey, you’ll find that it’s worth every penny- since the service is exceptional at best.

In most cases, you can do walk-ins too!

Screen Shot 2019 04 15 At 6 16 03 Pm

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