Noon Pulled Off An Unbelievably Genius Marketing Stunt During The Burj Khalifa Light Show On New Year's Eve

The whole world watches New Year Celebrations in Dubai, it's up there with Sydney (first to celebrate), Hong Kong and New York as those iconic pictures each year. 

This year was no different, there was more anticipation within Dubai itself this year as people waited to see what the Guinness World Record attempt laser light show would be like.

The clever folk at saw this as an opportunity. 

The newly launched e-commerce website, the brainchild of Mohammed Al Abbar and a company that is looking to take on Amazon's share of e-commerce in the region, really made a splash last night. 

In terms of awareness, this was genius. Think Superbowl type scale in terms of audience and advertising, except, no one else knew that there was going to be an advertisement at all. (Images via Twitter Noon employee @BiGsAm)

The timing was perfect. 

The lights went dim in the downtown area at about 11.40, there was one final fountain show, then The Burj Khalifa lit up at about 11.50pm while tension and expectation was at it's height, however, the show hadn't commenced, rather a 90 second advertisement from played on the Burj. It looked amazing, announced the brand (Hi, this is us), said exactly what the company did (home & kitchen, baby products etc), and then promptly told everyone present with the smartphones to hand, to download the Noon app. 

Well, played, Noon, that will take some beating as marketing stunts go this year. 

Full video above, enjoy! (Via YouTube channel Hit Kannada)

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