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One To Watch: Arab World’s Top Choreographer Pierre Khadra Is On A Mission To Shake Up Dubai’s Dance Industry 

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Dancer, choreographer, hottie and more, Pierre Khadra is one to watch out for, as he’s taken the Arab world by storm once before and has a lot more in store for his fans and Dubai peeps with lined up collabs, films and productions.

From winning a coupon to a one month trial at a dance studio to becoming the FINALIST of “So You Think You Can Dance” (Arabia), Pierre Khadra has come a longgg, long way in life (unlike some of us who are just stuck confined within the four walls of our kitchen).

Working with the likes of Ricky Martin and Andrea Bocelli to Elissa, Tamer Hosni, Nancy Ajram, and more, Khadra has undoubtedly become an ICONIC dancer and choreographer in the Arab world and is continuously thriving to shine a new light on dance and how it’s perceived. 

Shaking up Dubai’s happenin’ nightlife industry, Pierre Khadra has literally ‘raised the bar’ with his dance production that has translated to full-blown shows down at Sky 2.0

Surely you’ve seen the theatre like dance performance down at Dubai newest and hottest club, Sky 2.0? Look no further to find the creative genius behind the mesmerizing production that makes you throw your drink away and just gets you hooked on the dancers and their SICKKK moves!! Because the man behind all that craze is none other than Khadra himself.

Talk about elevating the game! Khadra we see you and we’re totally worshippin’ you right now!


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“People just see the polished end result, but they don’t understand the hard work that goes on behind it…”

The talented and super charming Pierre Khadra also talks about his time as the choreographer and the creative director of MTV Lebanon’s Celebrity Duets.


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WATCH the full interview right here!


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