5 Looks You Can Rock For The Dubai World Cup This Weekend

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The Dubai World Cup this weekend and it's one of the most coveted fashion events of the year. 

Now not everyone will be organised, so here are some looks you can pull together before Saturday to look your best. 

Simple yet elegant

Sometimes less really is more, even at the World's Richest Horserace. 

A dress that fits you comfortably, and an understated fascinator to match the colour-scheme is a sure-fire way to have a great day out, and feel great about yourself. 

The 'everybody look at me'

We're a huge fan of the bigger-is-better look. Get the most wild, striking hat you can find and pair it with an ultra-glam gown.

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The all-out enthusiast

Yeah, it's probably too late to action this one but check out this custom-made horse-lover outfit. It's guaranteed to get you included in a few society snaps. 

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His and hers

Now obviously you'll need a dude to bring along for this look, but the effect is quite catching for minimal effort. Just get the tie to match one of the featured colours on your outfit, and you're golden.

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Flower princess

Rock a floral dress and add a flower crown or fascinator and you're good to go with this one. Simple. 

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