This Dubai Designer's Clothes Are LIT And Celebs Are A Little Bit Obsessed

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If style credentials are cemented by celebrity endorsement, then this Dubai designer is well and truly leading the pack.

Just recently, former E presenter Catt Sadler looked INCREDIBLE in a white structured blazer that will be 100% be on your wish-list as soon as you see it, followed by Jesse J rocking it out on stage in an epic glistening green sequined suit.

The blazer everyone's talking about...

With roots in Saudi Arabia, the Arwa Al Banawi brand has been touted by Vogue Arabia as a designer to watch, and with headquarters in Dubai Design District, we'll be keeping a VERY close eye

How fab is this look?

Jesse J opened her show in the UAE based designer design

This stage outfit though


Sequin goals!

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Casey Fitzgerald

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