Dior Has Hosted The Controversial Blogger Who Shared Videos Ranting About Workers Getting Rights

Several other high-profile brands have distanced themselves from her


The controversial Kuwaiti influencer, Sondos Al Qattan has been hosted in Paris by Dior, to some's dismay.

The Kuwaiti beauty influencer made headlines globally for her social media rant about changes to laws in Kuwait, ensuring all staff got one day per week off from work.

She shared the post to her social media, but later took it down.

Many brands separated from the controversial blogger, issuing statements that they were no longer associated with her

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But Dior has delivered Qattan an invitation, and hosted her in Paris for the fashion show

She then shared dozens of Instagram stories of Dior welcome packages, at the event and at other Dior events

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Qattan has disabled comments on her Instagram since the controversy - and deleted the initial posts

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