Dubai Was Just Ranked As One Of The Most Fashion-Savvy Cities In The World And It's No Surprise Why

Dubai Ranked Fashionable City

Well, what do you know?

Dubai has, yet again, gracefully made it onto The Spectator Index' many rankings but this time it's for being one of the most fashion-inclusive cities globally.

2018 was a great year for fashion in this city, with many great designers coming in and out of the Emirate and others being word by Hollywood starlets on the red carpet.

(Image Credits: Instagram: @arwaalbanawi, @shahdzn and @hadiaghaleb)

Dubai made it to the 10th spot of the 'most fashionable' cities in 2018

While Paris peaked at the first spot, New York followed, leaving Las Vegas and Dubai in the final rankings.

Still a win.

Just look at how our Dubai guys and gals dress- it's no wonder


We even have the likes of Furne Amato and Michael Cinco


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