A Dubai Fashion Entrepreneur Got MAJOR Global Attention With This Financial Times Feature

HUGE step for the modest fashion scene!


A Dubai-based entrepreneur has hit global awareness with an empowering brand that represents everything the modern modest woman is. The founder and CEO of The Modist, the world's 'first online luxury fashion destination for women who dress modestly.'

It is an e-commerce site, and the first of its kind in the Middle East, at that.

Ghizlan Guenez was featured on the English-language business and economic newspaper, The Financial Times, on Saturday- marking the success and interest in a specified fashion niche- previously unchartered.

The brand is helping smash stereotypes about women who opt for modest clothing

It's pretty fresh to see a brand concept target the region it's situated in, and The Modist has done a great job at giving a platform to women who have ALWAYS been around: the modest dressers.

You'd think modest fashion would only directly be linked to Muslim women or those in the hijab, but on the contrary; this fashion category is growing to be more popular by the day.

The Modist celebrates women's choice- to wear what they want, how they want

It is an e-tailer website that has racked up thousands of loyal followers

Although founded in 2017, it's received a US$15m investment AND then another huge sum for Farfetch and Anabel Investment Holding

Mind you, Anabel is the private equity company by Nicola Bulgari of the Bulgari Group.


What a big WIN for all modest dressers around the world!

May we continue to see daring people take the first step for inclusion- in the name of fashion, sports, gaming, or whatever else it may be.

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