This Dubai Based Designer Has Launched A Line Dedicated To Plus Size And It's Fabulous


Dima Ayad, a Dubai based entrepreneur, started her own plus size fashion brand purely out of frustration; according to an interview with Forbes. Growing up in the Middle East, she has always been a plus size herself and often found it difficult to shop from brands based in Dubai. This inspired her to start a beautiful clothing line, and some of the pieces are gorgeous.

How it all started..

According to Dima, fashion wasn't always available to her and many like her, which is why she decided to do this not only for herself but for others like her.

It all started a few summers ago when Dima had a wedding to go to and couldn't find anything great to wear that would look good and fit fabulously; this is when she decided to make some of her pieces and wear it to the wedding, and this was the beginning of her brand, Dima Ayad, a hobby that turned into a career.

Every piece is unique

With her brand she aims to empower women everywhere to be who they are and love themselves

That statement blazer though...

One word, STUNNING

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