Vanessa Hudgens Rocked A UAE Designer's Look On US Tv And Gave A Shoutout On Her Instagram Too

Ruby Rose has worn the same outfit too!

Madiyah Al Sharqi Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, star of the Disney hit series, High School Musical, rocked a UAE designer's corset and pastel trousers this week, and gave her a shout-out on Instagram.

Hudgens wore Madiyah Al-Sharqi's jumpsuit, and looked absolutely gorgeous in it, while appearing on the US show, So You Think You Can Dance.

She posted on Instagram, and tagged Al-Sharqi's account in the picture

Madiyah Al-Sharqi is a Fujairah-based designer

And her designs are available on Ounass.

Ruby Rose sported the same look previously

Here are a few more of her looks

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