5 Cracking Brunches For Less Than AED200 INCLUDING Drinks


It's getting close to pay-day, which means money is getting tight. 

You want to go partae - we know - but it's tough when you're on a budget. 

Fear not! It does not mean you need to miss brunch this weekend! 

Here are five awesome brunches that are less than AED200. 


1. Fume Eatery, Pier 7

Probably one of the best-value brunches in town, Fume's brunch serves up all the faves from Fume menus and even has a special kids brunch. 

PLUS the package includes a mix of drinks like the Ultimate G&T and it's all for just AED199. 

Time: 12.30-4pm

2. The Huddle, Citymax Hotels 

Simple and effective, The Huddle serves up a Tapas brunch with plenty of options. For AED99 for tapas with five drinks, or AED129 for unlimited, it has live music, good food and good fun! 

Time: 12-4pm. 

3. Spice and Ice, JLT

It's all about sushi at Spice and Ice on Fridays. With a live-sushi counter, as well as Indian dishes, it's delish at only AED199 - including house drinks! 

Time: 12-4pm 

4. Double Deckers 

That old chestnut - one of Dubai's most loved (or loathed) venues, Double Decker is a party brunch to end all parties. 

Complete with doof-doof DJ music, a shot-luge and drinks on tap, you'll be feeling rather festive after this one to. 

5. Girders, JBR

Enjoy drinks, food, games, and competitions at Girders Garden in JA Ocean View Hotel every Friday for AED199. 

Enjoy hearty pub grub and drinks for cheap, and that beautiful weather on the terrace! 

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Caitlyn Davey

Caitlyn is an Aussie journalist looking to change the world. In her spare time she loves playing sport, travelling and basically doing anything that means she doesn't have to sit still.