7 Places In Dubai To Get A Taste Of Emirati Cuisine

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There's no denying that Dubai's dining scene is amazing.

You have cuisines from around the world here, but how many of you have tried Emirati food? If you haven't, there's no excuse because we've put together a list of places that serve everything from machboos (a rice-based dish with chicken, meat or fish) to khameer (bread) and camel milk and meat. 

Yallah make a reservation.

1. The Majlis, The Dubai Mall

Camel milk latte

Camel milk ice cream

2. Mama Tani, Town Centre


Balaleet - sweet vermicelli and eggs

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3. Al Khettar, Hor Al Anz, Deira

Rice-based dish kabsa made with camel meat

A type of biryani

4. Al Fanar, Dubai Festival City Mall

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Prawn biryani

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Luqaimat - a sweet dumpling

5. Seven Sands, JBR

Chicken mashawi

Fish fouga

6. Al Barza, Jumeirah

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Its popular Barza bread

Chicken machboos

7. Milas, The Dubai Mall


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Arabic coffee and dessert

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