Here Are 5 Absolutely Dreamy Dubai Almond Croissants (And Coffees)

You can't have one without the other

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A perfectly warm almond croissant with coffee on a lazy Saturday morning is GOALS.

If you agree, (welcome to the late twenties club) but congratulations, you've got amazing taste too!

While many are good (even Carrefour has a little gem for under AED10) there are some Dubai spots that go above and beyond to serve up huge, fluffy, almond goo filled, icing topped treats.

Here are the top five almond croissants you need to try:

5. Leopolds of London - JBR

For those who snub their noses at mass chains nailing pastries, the almond croissants at Leopolds will prove you wrong. These bad boys come DRIPPING in the central almond goo, which is what an almond croissant is all about, right?

How much? From AED13

4. Society Cafe & Lounge - Jumeriah 1 

Brand new on the Dubai cafe scene, this Jumeirah 1 located beauty is worth the trip.

The almond croissants come double baked and the custom blend coffee from Blacksmith, a roasters based in Abu Dhabi, is the cherry (or icing coating) on top.

How much? Twice baked almond croissants for AED 18

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3. Friends Avenue - JLT

HUGE, light and fluffy; the almond croissants at Friends Avenue are ALL about the icing. Get it served heated with fantastic cup of coffee and thank us later.

How much? Almond croissants for just AED10

2. Aubaine - Dubai Mall and City Walk

Luckily Instagram has included the collage feature, because how else could you capture the quirky decor AND epic food?

Actually strike that. Ain't no one got time for the gram when you've got pastries to munch.

How much? The priciest of the bunch, almond croissants here from AED22

1. Bouchon Bakery - The Beach, JBR

A concept from seven Michelin starred chef Thomas Keller, the Beach located bakery serves up an absolute BEAUT almond croissant. Baked fresh each and every day, this pastry is a subtle mix of beautiful butter and almond; which is why the almond croissant at Bouchon Bakery takes the number one spot on our list.

Oh, and for the quality, it's reasonable priced too.

How much? From AED13.50

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