Hold On Tight - Dinner In The Sky Is Actually Happening

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It was reported last year that there would be a new restaurant in the sky. Where you eat alfresco hoisted high above the ground. So, think those group cycling dinners you see in European cities expect in the sky. Now, it's officially opening on the 10th of January. 

Located at Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC), groups of 22 guests will be lifted 50 meters in the air to experience breathtaking views of the city off the idyllic 300-berth marina

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Once in the air, a small staff will serve an exquisite meal with a view, cooked up by dedicated chef hosted at a table with an exquisite view.

For an exclusive period, guest chefs will be serving a special menu which includes brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner options.

Flights are available daily from 2:40 PM until 11:10 PM on weekdays and from 11:50 AM until 12:35 AM (Midnight) on weekends.

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