17 Pictures That Will Make You Forget About Work And Want A Good Breakfast Instead

The ideal morning meal

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It's a Sunday morning, and we're just as bummed as you are about the five days ahead of us before we make it to another weekend.

However, these pictures should cheer you up. Food always has that effect, doesn't it? They might make you want to call in late, so you can treat yourself to an epic breakfast.

If you decide to do that...bon appétit!

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro

Comptoir 102

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Arrows and Sparrows

The Sum of Us

La Serre

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Brasserie Quartier

The Hamptons Cafe

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Cove Beach

Culinary Boutique

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Naina Shahani

Born and brought up in Dubai, Naina is a trained reflexologist who loves gastronomic adventures, genuine people and green tea. When not writing, she splits her time between finding different places to eat at and perfecting her Instagram shots.