A Home Grown Company Is Making Colorful Sliders And They Look Incredible

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Flow, a brand-new concept created by Emirates Youth Council and developed by Jumeriah Restaurant Group, is a healthy eating hub that revolves around stimulating design. 

Located in Jumeriah Emirates Towers, this new restaurant is dedicated to creating feel-good items that customers have been falling in love with due to their innovation and unique production.

Organic, tasty, clean

The coolest part of Flow's menu is probably their colourful sliders - carved to perfection with interesting colours, suited to make your tastebuds smile 

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The combination of flavours are specially put together 

Making sure you definitely come back for more.

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And they have the greatest drinks to go along with your meal

If you weren't motivated to start eating clean before, they've probably done it.

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You're definitely convinced now

What better way to eat a burger guilt-free rather than the ones straight from Flow's kitchens? 

Make sure to order your next lunch from them through Deliveroo for a delightful meal that you most definitely will enjoy.

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