This Is Hands Down The Best Late Night Feed In Dubai Marina

There's really no question

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While we definitely advocate a healthy eating lifestyle there is a lot to be said for living by the 80:20 rule...80 percent healthy things and 20 percent nice things!

So you've got to save your 20 percent for when you need it most, which is always going to be late night right? Damn those food craving!

Bob's Fish & Chips is exactly the type of food what you want after a long day on the sauce

...If you catch our drift. The Dubai Marina chipper is always hopping when the clubs finish and it's known for continually serveing up favourites like homemade chips slathered in curry sauce and cheese (don't knock it till you've tried it) huge open baked potatoes generously topped with your favourite fillings (probably cheese)  and of course fresh hot battered fish. There's a reason this spot is always packed at 3am when the local clubs like Societe and Barasti have finished up and people are looking for same late night soakage:

This is why we love the place:

The curry sauce is LIFE

It's the simple things that make us happy

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Condiments on point

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Stuff of dreams...

If you don't snap your cheesy fries, did you even order them?

Fresh fish, yum

And they do take away too!

The money shot

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And hey, it looks like @Dubaiproblems agrees

Everything you need to know:

The eat-in and take away restaurant is located at Dream Tower 2, Dubai Marina - Dubai. Open today until 4am, call 04 450 4262 for more information

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