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A JBR Pizza Place Is Charging AED660 For This Pizza And It’s Hard To Stomach

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This will cause some debate…

While pizza is quite possibly the greatest creation of all time (if there was a petition for pizza to become its very own food group, I’d fully support), the REASON pizza is so great is simply this: it’s fuss free, it’s a universal crowd pleaser (you’re the master of your toppings), and usually, it’s cheap.

But, this is Dubai, and Luigia, an Italian resto at Rixos Premium JBR has announced it’s selling the ‘most expensive pizza in JBR’

It’s sounds extra AF, but for the love of pizza, AED660 sounds like a stretch.

The Zarina comes with hand-picked ingredients imported from the home of pizza, Italy

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It comes topped with caviar, and well, it DOES look amazing

Your AED660 pizza comes topped with steamed potatoes, fresh baby spinach, cauliflower puree, king crab and prime caviar.

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Fortunately, for fans of Italian food, the rest of the menu looks just as good and it’s not so pricey

A classic margherita at Luigia will cost you a more manageable AED69.

The pizzas come piping hot from a wood-fire oven

Not even sure what this is, but I want to try it ASAP

When you don’t look at the price and get charged AED660 for a pizza

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