This Infographic Shows Exactly How Much Profit Dubai Restaurants Make On Burgers In Dubai

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Sometimes the prices of a burger make feel expensive in Dubai. Customers may feel like they are being over charged by restaurants. 

However, this infographic by popular Dubai foodie the Food Sheikh shows the breakdown of where the cost of producing a burger in an average Dubai restaurant goes. 

After all expenses, his research shows that restaurants are making AED 3.5 on each burger sold. That works out at about 7%. Ideally, they would be making between 15% and 20% profit, which shows how though the food business is in Dubai. 

Restaurants are only making AED 3.5 on each burger sold

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The cost price to the customer of the average burger sold in Dubai is as follows:

  • 26% ingredients
  • 21% staff 
  • 12% rent
  • 11% operating costs
  • 10% municipality fee
  • 7% profit
  • 13% other

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