You Can Now Chill At The World's Tallest Hotel Pool With Burj Khalifa Views And It's Not Crazy Expensive

By Dubai standards...

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There's nothing better than a day at a temperature controlled pool when Dubai temperatures begin to rise.

But the prices of some resort days in this city are simply shocking.

Which is why this particular pool day needs a shout out

Newly-opened Gevora Hotel, the world's tallest hotel, which has impressive gold frontage you will not miss on SZR, is offering a pool day for just AED150 on weekdays and AED200 on the weekend.

So you can spend the day here

Overlooking this

It's your bucketlist pool day sorted

Not only are you getting a day at the pool, you can also tick the world's tallest hotel off your bucketlist, and rest assured peeps; the views are like no other!

Get more info here

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