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5 Fabulous Apps You Should Download To Kick Start Your Healthy Resolutions For January

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New Year’s is just days away, and the resolutions are coming!

One of the most common resolutions is to be healthier, and well, it’s not always easy.

But life can be made a little easier with the joys of technology.

So if you’ve set your health goals, whether it’s to lose weight, get fitter, run longer or whatever you want, here are a few apps you should download to get a head-start on things.

1. MyFitnessPal

A staple of many health enthusiasts, MyFitnessPal is an easy tracker to make sure you know what calories you’re consuming and burning.

This fabulous app has a barcode scanner and a huge library of foods so you can see your intake, as well as fitness listings to see what your output is.

Plus you can connect with friends and make it into a bit of a healthy competition.

2. SwitchDXB

Dubai’s own app, SwitchDXB is more than just fitness classes – it’s got loads of fun and healthy entertainment options that you can get involved in, from gym classes to paddle-boarding, ziplining and all kinds!

Plus you can up your Instagram game with these past-times.

3. Health At Hand

Health at Hand has internationally certified doctors at the click of a button. Save yourself a visit to the clinic, and get this app to get info on all kinds of health issues.

It’s fab because you don’t even need to leave your house!

4. Zombies, Run

For those who want to run but might find it a bit boring, this is EPIC.

Zombies, Run is a simulation app that makes you want to run, because you know – zombies are chasing you.

Get your heart-rate up, running away from freakish zombies, and you can even track your run and listen to your music while on the app. Fun!

5. Water Alert

Do you drink enough water? We all sometimes forget, and so can end up drinking far less than the recommended 2 litres of water per day.

But there are loads of apps you can download to remind you to drink more water.

Water Alert is a simple one that pops up on your phone at a frequency of your choosing, to remind you to take a sip of the good stuff. Easy!

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