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Dubai Is Now Having A Full On ‘Happiness Festival’

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Last year the UAE appointed a ‘Happiness Minister’ and they weren’t messing around. It’s all part of Dubai’s aim to become the happiest place to live on earth…well now we have The Happiness Festival.

Think: 65 wellbeing experts, 9 different streams of activities…all at 1 amazing event to be held on February 17 at The Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.

Experts will run simultaneous activities throughout the day in a unique event format that will allow attendees to create their own ideal experience, with everything from a chill out area and a selection of food trucks to sessions to help you overcome the challenges in your life. 

It’s about the practice of happiness

“This isn’t an event about the theory of happiness – it’s about the practice, with nine streams and over 60 unique sessions covering the full spectrum of wellness and well-being, whether the interest for you lies with yoga, art, fitness, productivity, accomplishment, mindfulness or just having fun – it will all be right here.” 

Fiona Barron, Founder of The Happiness Festival

One of the speakers is going to help you ‘get in the zone’

“I’m sure that with such a wide variety of sessions running, we can help de-mistify the physical and psychological paths to living happier lives. The session I’m running is a practical demonstration of how you can get in ‘the zone’, which ultimately leads to greater levels of day to day satisfaction and accomplishment”. 

Joe Bruce, speaker at The Happiness Festival

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‘There is such a strong connection between physical activity and happiness’

“We chose to support the event because there is such a strong connection between physical activity and happiness. Not only does working out make you feel and look better, exercising releases endorphins which studies have shown can combat depression and cause that euphoric feeling you get at the end of your training.”

(Image: fit squad)

Daniel Wells, Co-Founder of Fit Squad

This is one way for you to see for your self what this ‘happiness’ thing is all about

Register to attend here.  

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