The Dubai Man Running A Marathon A DAY For 30 Days Is 21 Days In And Bossing It

And the Dubai community is coming out in force to support him

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Dubai resident, Marcus Smith has been running an incredible marathon per day, as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

The 39-year-old is 21 runs into his mission to run a full 30 marathons (42km per run) and is being joined by runners and fitness enthusiasts each morning.

The Dubai community has come out to support him, running alongside and behind him for various distances to join the charge.

All residents are welcome to join Smith, who founded Inner Fight CrossFit gym, and is a well-known member of the UAE fitness community.

The man is incredible

Every morning, he and his pack hit the roads

So many people

Many of the runs end in schools - and he shares the stories to his Instagram

Check him out!

And the kids are getting behind him too