A Lot Of People In The UAE Have Got The Seasonal Flu And It's Making Them Pretty Miserable

Go see your doctor, stat!

Flu Season

Listen up, fam. We've some bad news.

A steady increase in seasonal flu cases is being seen all over the world, including the UAE, where a lot of people are experiencing cold, cough and fever. 

In fact, just a little over last week, a 35-year-old man in Dubai died due to pneumonia caused by influenza, and now doctors are urging everyone to take the flu vaccinations stat.

Just when you were beginning to enjoy the pleasant weather, the flu season is here to rain on your parade

Consider yourself lucky if you're hale and hearty rn

Because it seems to be taking no prisoners

If you're feeling the general symptoms, we reckon you visit a doctor immediately

Fever, cold, body pain and headache, it's out in full force

No joke

Apart from resting and taking plenty of fluids, here are a couple of things you can do to feel better. 

But, like we said before, if you're feeling all the symptoms that point towards flu, go to a doctor and get a vaccination asap. 

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