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Here’s How Much The New Samsung S10 Will Cost You In Dubai

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By now, everyone has seen (and been stunned) by the incredibly high-tech features of Samsung’s latest products, namely: the Samsung S10.

The slick Galaxy S10 is a slick phone with many features like fingerprint scanning, a camera to top all DSLRs, wireless charging and allows us to use other apps while on YouTube aka every millennial’s dream up until now.

Many have been on the digital quest to find out just how much the phone costs…

And it costs…

Prices vary depending on the retailer in the UAE, for example at Sharaf DG, the S10 prices are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S10e starts from AED2,699

Samsung Galaxy S10 start from AED3,199

Samsung Galaxy S10+ start from AED3,599

So depending on where you get it from, the S10 price will more or less be on a similar spectrum

Pre-orders for the phone is already available in the UAE

According to many reports, each of the three types of S10’s (yes, there are THREE) are available for pre-order from February 21 to March 2, 2019 across all major retailers in the city and on Samsung’s official website.

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