Huda Beauty Teased A New Product On Instagram And Fans Went Crazy Trying To Guess What It Could Be

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It seems Huda Kattan can do no wrong in the beauty world.

After a very successful 2017 launching her second eyeshadow palette, the hugely popular Desert Dusk palette, four 'Obsession' eyeshadow palettes and her amazing foundation, she is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Everything she touches turns to gold and the savvy beauty entrepreneur has now sent fans into a frenzy with ANOTHER product teaser on Instagram.

The Huda Beauty mania is real with over 4,000 commenters trying to guess the new product

Narrowing down the 4,000 (and counting) guesses it seem most fans are anticipating a concealer to match the foundation launched at the end of 2017.

Other popular guesses include, eyeshadow primer, lip balm, face primer, lip gloss or highlighter.

One person even thinks it might be toothpaste!

But most just want it regardless of what it it.

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Some people have been waiting patiently for a concealer 

And some people are excited regardless of what it is

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While we don't think it will be toothpaste, we're sure whatever it is will have fans racing to their nearest Sephora to buy it!

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